DELPHI Dismantling

Project Overview 


The dismantling of DELPHI is already considered as part of the LHC project, as is the dismantling of the LEP machine. LEP and the experiments are considered as so-called INBs "Istallation Nucleaire De Base". This has a number of important consequences for the organisation and the safety policy during the project.

After the end of the LEP physics runs (2 November 2000) a period of  7.5 months is scheduled for the dismantling of the DELPHI endcaps, the counting houses (A1, C1, C2, B1, B2), and the gas platforms (A3, C3, B4, D3). The DELPHI Barrel and the counting houses D1, D2, A2, and B3 will stay in the cavern as they are going to be re-used by the LHCb experiment. All the electronics and gas racks have to be removed.

As of mid July 2001 the DELPHI cavern will be prepared by ST/EL (electricity) and ST/CV (cooling ventilation)  for the LHC civil engineering works which start on 7 September 2001.

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CJ   30/08/2001